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Your Wedding Day Actors (what the heck does everyone do)

Planning a wedding can be a very involved task, and so is figuring out who is supposed to do what! Here is a brief summary of the most common Protestant Christian wedding day roles. (Keep in mind that most roles can be played by either gender, and by as many people as you want.) Mother of the Bride The mother of the bride may serve as your guest list moderator, reception hostess. Other possible duties include attending the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, and making sure that everyone dances the night away at the reception. As with all other actors, her mother's role is completely up to the bride to be. Father of the Bride Traditionally, this is the go-to guy with the “daddy, can you write the check now for the venue?”. Some other examples of the bride to be’s father might include airport duty, coordinating maps/directions to the wedding site, helping to find potential wedding reception venues, giving tips to wedding day service providers, and a

Grooms Get Involved - 1 Year Planner

Ok guys.. here is the 411 on what you should have in your game-plan for your wedding day. There are tons of wedding traditions which are not covered in this list. If you take the time to be involved in your wedding day, and show how fun and detailed you can be - your bride will be completely blown away! I have seen many weddings where the groom is completely not involved (mentally checked-out). Most of the time, the new brides at those same weddings seem to be deflated and have a look on their face as if to say "on this momentous of an occasion marking the beginning of our lives together, and my new groom is completely mentally gone".  Do not be that guy, fellas! Here is a great run-down for you to get your self to the top of your bride's and your in-law's good lists (and believe me... that is where you want to be). 12 Months Before Figure out where you're going to have your ceremony and reception. Church, synagogue, remote Himalayan mountaintop? The bes